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20 Best Widgets for iOS 14 1. Spark The first on our list is Spark — an email and calendar app that is available for iOS, but also Mac, and even... 2. Weather Line Knowing the weather is important for a lot of people, from travelers to farmers. So, since you already... 3. ColorWidgets Having useful. Best iOS 14 Widgets 1. Apollo. Apollo delivers one of the best Reddit experience on the iPhone. Christian Selig (the developer behind... 2. ClimaCell Weather Assistant. The default iOS weather widget does the job for the majority out there. But if you are... 3. TickTick. TickTick is the swiss army.

Read: The Best iOS 14 Widgets Home Screen. iOS 14 Widgets to Improve Your Productivity. For this post, we are going to focus on popular apps and services that offer iOS 14 widgets and allows users to get things done right from the iPhone home screen. 1. Gmail. Gmail is the most popular email client out there. With iOS 14, Apple is allowing users to change the default Mail and Browser app on the iPhone. Gmail is right up there with necessary changes and a handy iOS widget to take. Für alle, die noch keine Idee haben, welche Widget-Apps es überhaupt gibt, geschweige denn welche sie nutzen sollen, haben wir einen kleinen Überblick vorbereitet

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Google has two widgets to choose from in iOS 14. There's a small Quick Search widget that puts the Google search bar within easy reach on your home screen, and then there's a larger Shortcuts.. iOS 14: The Best Home Screen Widgets for Your iPhone 1. Weather Line. Compared to the native iOS 14 Weather widgets, the ones from Weather Line not only look catchy and... 2. Wikipedia. Wikipedia's widgets will pique your interest throughout the day and make you read a lot more. Tack the Top... 3.. iPhone-Widgets in iOS 14 im Check: Das kann man mit der großen Neuerung wirklich anstelle

10 Best Free iPhone Widgets for iOS 14 (2021) 1. Color Widgets. Color Widgets is one of the best iOS 14 home screen widget Apps. It has over 100 cool widgets for the... 2. HeyWeather. If you are looking for a good weather app that also has a nice looking widget, then Hey Weather is the... 3. Sticky. Best Widgets for iPhone and iPad in 2021. by Ankur. May 5, 2021. 9 minute read. Let's admit it. iOS 14 release surprised us with a lot of unexpected features. Thankfully, iOS 14 adds more fluidity to our day-to-day apps. And what's the cherry on the cake? You can add Home Screen widgets to ease your iPhone experience. Here's a carefully curated list of the best third-party home screen.

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Best iOS 14 Widgets to Improve Your Productivit

One of the most popular apps of the iOS 14 widget-craze, Widgetsmith lets you create custom widgets to display things like the date, weather, photos, custom text, or your activity. You can even.. Usage is another iOS 14 home screen widgets app. It is an app that will monitor your devices such as the RAM memory, the storage, the data, and all the stuff like that. Usage app has many new widgets for the home screen of your iOS 14 device, including RAM, which will show you the active RAM memory, the inactive, and the free Ram memory

One of the most visibly noticeable features of iOS 14 is, of course, the widgets. Widgets can completely transform the appearance of your phone screen and allow a level of personalization that was previously unheard-of. These third party apps for iOS 14 are not just pretty, they are also practical. The best widgets will give you updates and important information without requiring you to open. How to add iOS 14 widgets + to your iPhone's Home Screen 1. From the Home Screen, touch and hold widgets or an empty area until the apps jiggle. 2. Tap on plus button in the top-left corner, and you will go to a list of existing widgets Though widgets on iPhone arrived way back in iOS 8 (WWDC 2014), they had been quite limited in terms of functionality. They remained tied at the Today View screen and hardly offered any customization. Courtesy the introduction of iOS 14, widgets have become elegant and offer plenty of customization for a more personalized experience.If they have also caught your eyes, now is the perfect time. iOS 14 widgets you must have. Best iOS 14 home screen widgets that you must download on your iOS 14 iPhone.iOS 14 home screen widgets are a great new feature..

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Scribblet is another high rated best widget app for iOS 14, and as the name suggests, it allows you to turn your scribbles into the widget and add them to your home screen. The widget app has options to create handwritten notes, scribbles, drawings, and sketches with a background color of your choice as widgets. You can also purchase the one-time subscription to unlock 30+ background images if. Best iOS 14 widget apps 2020 for iPhone 12 Widgetsmith. Widgetsmith is arguably one of the best widget apps available for iOS 14, as it makes the most use of the... Scribblet. Scribblet is another high rated best widget app for iOS 14, and as the name suggests, it allows you to turn... Siri app. Apple has addressed app overload with the new App Drawer in iOS 14, but this Siri widget can lend a hand too—forget having to swipe through screen after screen to find the app you're after (or.

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iOS 14: The Best Home Screen Widgets for Your iPhon

  1. There's a lot to be said for the simplicity of black and white and these iOS 14 Home Screens make it elegant. Black and white with red theme by Abdulrahman_690. Black and white on gray theme by 0x616a. Black and white with waves theme by CustomisedIcons. Basic black and white theme by dynmk. Black and white outer space theme by wayu__wind. Wrapping it u
  2. Mit iOS 14 kannst du Widgets auf dem Home-Bildschirm verwenden, damit du deine Lieblingsinformationen immer zur Hand hast. Du kannst auch Widgets aus der Ansicht Heute verwenden, indem du vom Home-Bildschirm oder Sperrbildschirm nach rechts streichst
  3. With iOS 14, iPhone widgets can now appear on the home screen and can be customized and personalized. We have a look at some of the new apps on hand to help
  4. You get a selection of widgets automatically on the Search screen when you upgrade to iOS 14. Just swipe left from the home screen and you'll see Apple's top widget pics
  5. iPhone 12 iOS 14 AirTags Best VPN iPad Pro We may earn a commission for purchases using our links. Learn more. Best Apps Best Today view widgets for iPhone and iPad in 2021 Make your Lock Screen even more useful with these amazing app widgets! Christine Chan. 1 Dec 2020 20 Ever since Apple introduced widgets in iOS 10, you're able to gain a plethora of useful information without ever needing.
  6. The best apps with Home Screen widgets for iOS 14 List of apps with Home Screen widgets for iOS 14. You'll find the cream of the crop right at the top of this list! And... Pedometer++. With Pedometer++, your iPhone becomes a step counter. And with the four available widgets for your Home... Spark.
  7. Todoist for iOS 14 has landed, with three new widgets for your iPhone Home screen + Today View! *Tasks widget: View your tasks from the iOS Home screen. *Productivity widget: See your goals.

Screenkit is one of the best customization apps for iOS 14. The app comes with over 1000 app icons and photo icons, including many themes and app icon collections. The Screenkit includes various app icons for system apps and popular third-party apps and contains detailed instructions on changing your iPhone icons Best iOS 14 Productivity Apps & Widgets For Your iPhone. With iOS 14, Apple allows users to add widgets to their home screen. Here are some of the best productivity apps that utilize the new iOS 14 features. By Gabe Cameron Published Sep 27, 2020. Share Share Tweet Email. 0. Comment. The newest iOS update from Apple added several features that allow users to better customize their experience. With the launch of iOS 14, Apple introduced several new features, including some customizations that were impossible before. For example, users can now choose their preferred browser and email apps instead of being forced to use Apple Mail and Safari. Home Screen Widgets with selectable sizes were added with the new OS update. These provide a small view that offers a subset of the features provided in a full app. A more restricted form of Widgets has been available since iOS 8, bu

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iOS 14 has been released and the breakout feature is, without a doubt, home screen widgets. We've told you how to use iOS 14's new widgets on your iPhone before. They are great little mini apps that allow you to see quick app information right on your home screen without needing to launch the app itself. However, home screen widgets have become a smash hit on social media In iOS 14 fehlende iPhone-Widgets: Hier ist das Update und einige der besten, die Sie ausprobieren sollte

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Because iOS 14 is so new, there aren't many third-party apps that work with home screen widgets just yet. Apple only gave developers one day to get their app updates into the App Store before the release of iOS 14 to the public, which is another reason there are slim pickings at the start. But the apps keep pouring in, so your favorite app may have home screen widgets very soon Color Widgets also includes an array of highly customizable widgets for devices running iOS 14. As its name suggests, it emphasizes color options, along with fun fonts. As its name suggests, it. With iOS 14, Apple gave us many improvements: widgets on the Home screen, the App Library, automatic automations in shortcuts (no more prompts before running), and so much more. But one iOS 14 seems to have taken off more than the rest, and that is widgets on iPhone. Since you can now have widgets on your Home screen (at least on the iPhone, sorry iPad users), a few developers have created.

iOS 14 iPhone Widgets. To give you an abstract, widgets are your portal to a variety of information and quick functionality on your iPhone. The information can be anything from weather updates. Apple hat mit iOS 14 den iPhone-Homescreen umfangreich aufgebohrt. Wir erklären passend zur Vorstellung des neuen iPhone 12, wie ihr die App-Library und Widgets nutzt If your iPhone runs on iOS 14 or a newer version, you can add some helpful iPhone widgets to the iPhone home screen. These help you in many ways so that you no longer need to install third-party apps for many features, including World Clock. Here are the best iPhone widgets you can add to the home screen of your iPhone

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  1. ders; Screen Time; Shortcuts; Siri Suggestions; Stocks; TV; Tips; Weathe
  2. Apollo Brings the Best of Reddit to iOS 14's Widgets . By Ryan Christoffel. Christian Selig, developer of the excellent Reddit client Apollo, has always been deeply connected with his users and Reddit culture on the whole. Many of Apollo's updates focus on the kind of nit-picky features and tweaks that heavy users of the app and platform care about. So it should come as no surprise that in.
  3. iPhone widgets missing in iOS 14: Here's the fix and some of the best to try . Britta O'Boyle, Features editor · 2 November 2020 · Explainer Provides context or background, definition and detail.
  4. Top iOS 14 Features: Compact Phone Calls, Back Tap, Widgets, App Library and Mor
  5. ce words: the Notes widget in iOS 14 is bad. But you're not stuck with it if you want sticky notes on your home screen. Although I enjoy iOS 14's updated widgets overall, its Notes implementation was poorly thought out. I was hoping for a large sticky note on my home screen, but instead, it's just a two-by-two widget that takes up four icon spaces
  6. The addition of mighty widgets in iOS 14, though, lets you break out of that rut for the first time, well, ever. If you've ever had an Android phone, you've likely tinkered with widgets before.
  7. The Best Hidden Features of iOS 14. A new OS for your iPhone is here, and with it comes a slew of under-the-hood tweaks and tricks for power users, from better ways to organize your chats to.

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In iOS 14, Apple introduced ‌the concept of Home Screen‌ widgets, which provide information from apps at a glance. Widgets can be pinned to the Home Screen in various spots and sizes, allowing. iOS 14 gives you the ability to stack widgets of the same size on top of each other. Once stacked, you can swipe up or down to switch between the widgets as you need. This saves space on your home screen and avoids clutter. To create a stack of widgets on iOS 14, simply drag and drop a same-sized widget on top of an existing one iOS 14's new widgets experience will shake up how you use your iPhone. Here are the ins and outs of how these new widgets work, and why they're so popular

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With iOS 14, Apple has finally given you the ability to customize the layout of your home screen to some extent.Instead of just repositioning icons, you can totally remove them thanks to the new. Apple's iOS 14 update will feel like a dramatic change for iPhone owners — mostly because they'll be able to change the home screen layout by adding widgets to it for the first time. Plus, Apple.

Note: To achieve some of these looks, especially the cool iOS 14 widget ideas, you'll need some third party apps such as Widgetsmith, Color Widgets, and Photo Widget.. If you're looking for some icon cover sets to complete your home screen, check out our latest round-up of the most aesthetic iOS 14 app icons!. For more aesthetic iOS home screen theme ideas, subscribe to our email list. With iOS 14, you can use widgets on your Home Screen to keep your favorite information at your fingertips. Or you can use widgets from Today View by swiping right from the Home Screen or Lock Screen. Add widgets to your Home Screen . From the Home Screen, touch and hold a widget or an empty area until the apps jiggle. Tap the Add button in the upper-left corner. Select a widget, choose from. These are the 14 best hidden features in iOS 14, compiled with the help of Gadgets 360's video producers Aman Rashid and Shubham Raheja. 1. FaceTime Eye Contac

Best iOS 14 Home Screen Layouts: Cute, Boys, Girls, AnimeiOS 14 tips and tricks: Supercharge your iPhone experienceBest Aesthetic Wallpaper Pictures for iOS 14: Black, WhiteThe best tutorials to help you customize your iOS 14 home

With the addition of Widgets in iOS 14, you don't even have to worry about swiping to the right on your Home Screen anymore. As one might expect, Apple included a dedicated Fitness widget that can be added. Long press a blank space on your Home Screen until you enter Jiggle mode (icons start jiggling). Tap the + button in the top left-hand corner. Scroll until you find the Fitness. Die stylishen Widgets, mit denen iOS-Nutzer seit dem Update auf iOS 14 ihren Homescreen schmücken können, können Sie sich auch auf Ihr Android-Smartphone holen. Zwar ist das Feature an sich. Widgets. The big new addition that's prompting all the shared screens across social media are home screen widgets, which are supported under iOS 14 for the first time. These can be either first.

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