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mat_queue_mode [-1,0,1,2] - This setting determines the threading mode the material system uses. A value of -1 uses the default for your system, a value of 0 uses synchronous single thread, 1 uses queued single threaded mode, and value of 2 uses multi-threaded mode. Many users report performance increases on multi-core systems when setting this variable to a value of 2 description of the command : mat_queue_mode [-1,0,1,2] - This setting determines the threading mode the material system uses. A value of -1 uses the default for your system, a value of 0 uses synchronous single thread, 1 uses queued single threaded mode, and value of 2 uses multi-threaded mode Memestriker has provided us with a launch option that potentially fixes FPS issues for the update which added a userdata folder and video settings etc. This.

First of all, mat_queue_mode is what the 'Multicore rendering' option in the video settings controls. Enabling this option will set mat_queue_mode to -1, while disabling it will set mat_queue_mode to 0. Internally it maps to the enum MaterialThreadMode_t. Let's look at the help string of the ConVar So I found out that launch option +mat_queue_mode 2 can boost fps on some PCs, but a post on the csgo subreddit suggests 2 and -2 both work, even though I never heard of -2. And the default is -1 . I have a potato PC and I used to have 70 fps on D2 until I began adding launch options and changing my video settings

Okay look at it like this: By using mat_queue_mode -2 - The game Defaults to a value of -1 - (Auto detect) - Then it just uses mat_queue_mode 2 anyway. -2 = -1 = 0 or 1 or 2 -2 = -1 = 0 or 1 or 2 2016-02-16 10:4 +mat_queue_mode: This launch option assigns all threads and processor cores to CS:GO. User needs to put a value with [] after the command. The limits for this setting range from -1 to 2, every limit having a specific threading mode where [2] is the multi-threaded mode. Here a user trades off more FPS for more input lag, so be careful while implementing it +mat_queue_mode 2 is another console command that players often use as a launch option (it doesn't matter if you put this in your autoexec or as a launch option). This may offer an FPS improvement, but may also cause FPS issues, so we recommend you test this before using it in competitive games. It offers an FPS improvement by setting the queue/thread mode for the material system to an asynchronous queued mode CS:GO High FPS Config und Tweaks. Da wir immer wieder nach einer High FPS Config für CS:GO gefragt wurde, haben wir dir mal die wichtigsten Parameter und Einstellungen in dieser Anleitung auf Deutsch zusammengefasst Read More: https://exputer.com/csgo-counterstrike-global-offensive-guide-how-to-increase-or-get-better-fps

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what does setting.mat_queue_mode do? Help fps how ..

What are the best CSGO launch options?-novid -tickrate 128 -high -threads 6 +fps_max 0 +cl_interp 0 +cl_interp_ratio 1 +rate 128000 +cl_updaterate 128 +cl_cmdrate 128 +mat_queue_mode 2 -freq 144 -refresh 144 -d3d9ex -nojoy. Apart from these Launch options, we suggest using CSGO Prime Accounts to avoid cheaters and have better matchmaking Mat_queue_mode erklärung cs go. 20% inklusive 1 Jahr Gratis-Versand auf Mode, Schuhe & Wohnen! Nutze die flexiblen Zahlungswege und entscheide selbst, wie du bezahlen willst mat_queue_mode [-1,0,1,2] - This setting determines the threading mode the material system uses. A value of -1 uses the default for your system, a value of 0 uses synchronous single thread, 1 uses queued single threaded mode, and value of 2 uses multi-threaded mode. Many users report performance increases on multi-core. [CSGO] FPS Boost commands. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets. Skip to content. All gists Back to GitHub Sign in Sign up Sign in Sign up {{ message }} Instantly share code, notes, and snippets. maxXx1 / fpsexec.cfg. Created Jun 9, 2015. Star 1 Fork 0; Star Code Revisions 1 Stars 1. Embed. What would you like to do? Embed Embed this gist in your website. Share Copy sharable. Alternatively you can test +mat_queue_mode 2 for 4+ core CPUs and -noubershader for at least old Intel iGPUs Delete csgo.exe from Steam\Steamapps\common and verify integrity of game files in properties of the game on Steam Check whether all options in properties>comaptibility of csgo.exe are unchecked 30 FPS cap after Win10 Anniversary Update . Some people report that games run worse.

maps. This command prints to console a list of all of the maps you have installed/downloaded. mat_accelerate_adjust_exposure_down. mat_accelerate_adjust_exposure_down. mat_ambient_light_b. mat_ambient_light_b. mat_ambient_light_g. mat_ambient_light_g. mat_ambient_light_r CSGO Launch Options 2020. CS:GO Launch Options - These are some settings, which settle the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive rules before the game is started. For example, with the help of launch options you can set up client's tickrate (-tickrate), monitor frequency (-freq), FPS limitation (fps_max), interpolation settings (cl_interp) and other technically-important settings. Only one. mat_queue_mode csgo is a Counter-Strike Global Offensive command. There are 2345 Counter-Strike Global Offensive commands just like mat_queue_mode. Overall there are 34422 gaming commands for download +mat_queue_mode 2 - multicore rendering, so the computer uses more power for creating the image on the screen.-novid - removes the starting video. This command helps to save your time and prevent unnecessary loads on the computer. +fps_max 0 - with this command, you will remove all limitations.

Hallo, Bevor ich die GTX 1080 hatte, hatte ich eine GTX 760 mit der ich in CSGO konstant mit 200-400 FPS spielen konnte Ob im gunfight oder ohne. Seit dem.. mat_queue_mode -1 effectively means the same thing as mat_queue_mode 2, namely use multicore rendering whenever possible. Any negative value of mat_queue_mode results in the same behaviour, there is no additional -2 'legacy default' mode. mat_queue_priority is a boolean value that is either true (non zero value), or false (value of 0) HLTV.org is the leading csgo site in the world, featuring CSGO Fps Boost + Lag Fix + Stutter Fix 2020. Add Launch Options into CSGO from the game's properties in steam. -threads 4 -console -high -novid -exec autoexec -noforcemparms -noforcemaccel -noforcemspd -tickrate 128 +cl_cmdrate 128 +cl_updaterate 128 +cl_interp 0 +cl_interp_ratio 3 +rate 128000 -nod3d9ex1 -freq 75 -refresh 75 +cl_forcepreload 1 +mat_queue_mode 2 Change the -freq and -refresh. Riesenauswahl an Markenqualität. Folge Deiner Leidenschaft bei eBay! Kostenloser Versand verfügbar. Kauf auf eBay. eBay-Garantie


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Here are harmful or non-functional CSGO launch options:-lv — Reduces violence in the game: It was replaced by the +mat_queue_mode command, and in 2017, a Valve employee advised against its use. -no-browser — Turns off the server browser: This option deactivated the in-game browser display after joining the server, but was removed in 2018. -noforcemparms & -noforcemaccel. +mat_queue_mode 2. With this setting, you're changing the queue/thread for the game's material system, telling it to be an asynchronous queued mode. You may see a boost to FPS with this setting, but it's just as likely to lower your FPS. It's recommended that you test it out by yourself before turning it on for a competitive game. -disable_d3d9ex. As you might be able to tell, this.

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mat_queue_mode -1 // Multi-Core Rendering Erkennung mat_savechanges // Video Einstellungen in die registry schreiben fps_max 128 // FPS einstelle mat_queue_mode 2 r_drawtracers_firstperson 0 r_eyegloss 0 r_eyemove 0 r_eyeshift_x 0 r_eyeshift_y 0 r_eyeshift_z 0 r_eyesize 0 Weitere Tipps für mehr FPS in Counter-Strike Global Offensive. Grafikkarten-Treiber immer auf dem aktuellsten Stand halten; Rechenintensive Programme im Hintergrund schließen; Andere Grafikeinstellungen ausprobieren, z. +mat_queue_mode 2 may offer an FPS improvement, but may also cause FPS issues. So try it out for yourself. Check out all launch options. Clic k here. In-game settings for more FPS. Try keeping your settings as low as possible for maximum FPS if you don't care about details. Play around with your settings to find what works best for you. I sometimes record my matches so I like to have some details. Here are my settings

mat_queue_mode 2 It Forces Your CPU To Use Multi-Threads for better performance: r_drawtracers_firstperson 0 Tracers will turn OFF: r_eyegloss 0 No Makeup on player: r_eyemove 0 No Eye Movement for player: r_eyeshift_x 0 No Eye Movements in X-Angel, character perspective: r_eyeshift_y mat_queue_mode 2 mp_decals 50 muzzleflash_light 0 net_maxfragments 1280 props_break_max_pieces 0 props_break_max_pieces_perframe 0 func_break_max_pieces 0 g_ragdoll_fadespeed 0 g_ragdoll_important_maxcount 0 g_ragdoll_lvfadespeed 0 g_ragdoll_maxcount 0 gl_clear 0 hud_centerid 1 hud_fastswitch 1 jpeg_quality 100 lod_TransitionDist 0 Schritt 1: Startparameter für CS:GO festlegen. Schon an den Startparametern lassen sich einige Optimierungen vornehmen, um die Frames pro Sekunde zu erhöhen. Neben bekannten Startparametern wie -console, um die Konsole dauerhaft sichtbar zu machen, solltest Du dir auch die folgenden Optionen genauer anschauen mat_queue_mode -1/-2/1 Updating GeForce drivers Reverting GeForce drivers Changing my DPI Checking Windows mouse settings Raw_input 0/1 m_mousespeed 0/1...and many more things which I can't remember. Also I found some forums when I read that it could be bad hardware like PSU or bad electricity at my house. Really not sure why is this happening. Thank you in advance, guys 首先是启动项 -novid -high -preload -useforcedmparms -noforcemaccel -noforcemspd -nosync -tickrate 128 -nojoy -noaafonts +mat_queue_mode 2 -console 调出游戏的右键选单即可添加,无需针对自己的电脑作出修

mat_queue_mode 2 (multi), 1 (single) , 0 (single synchronous), -1 (auto) When performing CSGO community matchmaking look for servers with at least so many human players: mm_dedicated_force_servers: 0: Comma delimited list of ip:port of servers used to search for dedicated servers instead of searching for public servers.Use sy : mm_dedicated_search_maxping: 150: a: Longest preferred ping to. Alternatively you can test +mat_queue_mode 2 for 4+ core CPUs and -noubershader for at least old Intel iGPUs Disabling default FPS limit is beneficial mainly in scenarios of fluctuating FPS between 60-120 mat_queue_mode Mat queue mode can be set by CSGO's console and launch options both, to try and experiment the FPS impact of different mat queue modes, go ahead and navigate to CSGO's workshop and download ' FPS Benchmark by ulletical ' and test different mat queue modes

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  1. We present to your attention the assembly for increasing FPS in CSGO. This information can help you to increase your FPS to 50-100 units in just a couple of actions, but it will also depend on what kind of PC you have. The main thing is that you will be able to increase the FPS in CS GO for a more comfortable game and you will feel how it becomes easier and more interesting to play. CS GO Fps.
  2. ernstp commented on Mar 13, 2017. @davidw-valve mat_queue_mode 0 did not help. Memory usage is at 3.5 GB after the latest patches, with or without that setting. thesilentsea mentioned this issue on Mar 14, 2017
  3. What are the best CSGO launch options?-novid -tickrate 128 -high -threads 6 +fps_max 0 +cl_interp 0 +cl_interp_ratio 1 +rate 128000 +cl_updaterate 128 +cl_cmdrate 128 +mat_queue_mode 2 -freq 144 -refresh 144 -d3d9ex -nojo

CSGO Wallpaper; All Console Commands +mat_queue_mode 2: Set the queue/thread mode to asynchronous, don't change this if you are not sure what your are doing. Can increase or decrease the FPS.-disable_d3d9ex: This launch option disables DirectX 9Ex.-r_emulate_g: This CS:GO launch command for Windows computers emulates OpenGL, which can increase the FPS. -softparticlesdefaultoff: Render. Add Launch Options into CSGO from the game's properties in steam. -threads 4 -console -high -novid -exec autoexec -noforcemparms -noforcemaccel -noforcemspd -tickrate 128 +cl_cmdrate 128 +cl_updaterate 128 +cl_interp 0 +cl_interp_ratio 3 +rate 128000 -nod3d9ex1 -freq 75 -refresh 75 +cl_forcepreload 1 +mat_queue_mode 2

Tags: fps boost csgo config. Author's Readme/Notes Initial setting of parameters is not able to reveal the full potential of the computer. You can increase productivity both independently, by simply adjusting the necessary settings, or with the help of a specially optimized cfg. It should contain all the necessary settings that will raise FPS well and make it stable. For those with a weak PC. Launch Options. -novid -freq 144 -refresh 144 -tickrate 128 -maxplayers_override 50 -nojoy -d3d9ex +exec autoexec. Enter launch options at Steam > Library > Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (right-click) > Properties > Set Launch Options.. Overclocking GPU Updated all drivers (Including Realtek Audio) Disabled Game DVR Disabled Windows Defender Unparked CPU cores I've also tried the commands: +cl_forcepreload 1 and mat_queue_mode 2 Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated at this point Professional CS:GO player for Team OG-novid -nojoy -freq 240 -tickrate 128 -console +mat_queue_mode

Now Click On Browse and Locate your CSGO Application. Once Done, set the performance to High, and you are done. Ensure No Useless Services and Applications Are Running In The Background. Well, you guys might be laughing at how I am consistently asking you to disable unnecessary things. This is because, if we want the best possible FPS in CS:GO. We must disable the slightest of features that. CSGO will automatically detect a monitor refresh rate. The refresh command is included on this list as a just in case command, should something cause this automatic detection not to happen as it normally would. How to run a CSGO autoexec.cfg-exec autoexec.cfg. If a player has customized a configuration file, this command makes sure that the file is loaded when the game starts. Unlike the. Hier sollte eine Beschreibung angezeigt werden, diese Seite lässt dies jedoch nicht zu mat_queue_mode 2 bringt auch nicht wirklich was Sollte ich vill. einfach das Spiel neu installieren? aufjedenfall , einfach mal Steam + CS GO neu drauf machen + schauen das alle Treiber updates installiert sind

CSGO-8fvez-YpKBi-WQ3wu-bbtvU-6p74E. COPY. launch options-freq 240 -novid -high -console fps_max 0 -nojoy cl_interp 0 cl_interp_ratio 1 cl_interpolate 1 cl_lagcompensation 1 -noaafonts mat_queue_mode 2 -allow_third_party_software -tickrate 128 cl_cmdrate 128 cl_updaterate 128 allow_third_party_software. COPY. Equipment. cpu Intel Core i9-9900K . gpu Nvidia GTX 1080. motherboard MSI MPG Z390. Steam-Biblo->csgo->Eigenschaften->Lokale Dateien->DateiPfad->Rechtsklick auf csgo->kompatibilität->Vollbildoptiomierungen deaktivieren. 2. Windows Einstellungen-> Spielen-> Spieleleiste alles aus, Dvr alles aus, Trueplay alles aus. 3. +mat_queue_mode 2 -novid -freq 144 -tickrate 128 -console 4. Video einstellungen http://prntscr.com/kuvnen 5

Geh einfach auf CSGO (auf Steam) mach Rechtsklick und dann auf Eigenschaften und gehe auf Startoptionen und gib ein -high -nod3d9ex -nojoy -mat_queue_mode Ghostdog662 said: You might try the launch options mat_queue_mode 2 Tried, didnt work. k00leggie said: I had this issue with my 1080 as well, I found the fix to be opening the xbox app if on Windows 10 and going to settings. From there, go to xbox DVR and disable it. No idea why this caused extremely low frame rates, but it solved the issue Mat Queue Mode işlemci bazlı fps sağlayacak ikinci bir komut. Threads gibi mat_queue_mode 'da çift çekirdek sisteminizin çift çekirdek mi - kaç sanal işlemci ve kaç işlem sayısına sahip olduğunu belirtmenize yarar. Bu sayede sıralanan işlemleri CS:GO 'nun hangi yapıda ki işlemciler ile yapması gerektiği kararını vermiş olursunuz -1 otomatik tanımlamadır. Fakat.

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Rechtsklick auf CSGO in deiner Bibliothek-Eigenschaften-Startoptionen festlegen und da dann -console eingebe - steam neuinstalliert + csgo neuinstalliert - treiber für grafik aktualisiert - einige befehle ausprobiert wie : cl_forcepreload 0 cl_disablehtmlmotd 1 setting.mat_queue_mode 1 - die ClientRegistry.blob, SteamUI.dll, Steam.dll gelöscht und Steam neugestartet. doch alles hat nichts gebracht. ich brauch hilfeeee -.-mf mat_queue_mode 2 //A value of -1 uses the default for your system, a value of 0 uses synchronous single thread, 1 uses queued single threaded mode: and value of 2 uses multi-threaded mode. //cl_drawmonitors 0 //disabling banner pics: mat_screen_blur_enabled 0 //menu blur: hud_setting_minimapRotate 1 //Rotating Minimap : hud_setting_pingAlpha 0.400000 //ping and banner transparency: sprint. Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\cfg>crosshair settings</a> Look for more information about CS:GO autoexec.cfg. We have also collected here information about the gear of CS:GO pro-players: mouse, keyboard, mouse pad, headset, and monitor. Astralis Xyp9x - Andreas Højsleth. Launch option

mat queue mode cs go- все ответы на сайте csgo.steamdb.r Also ich spiele es (CsGo) Reply ↓ Yukj 4. März 2016 at 14:50. alles auf low stellen gibt noch lange keine high fps config. die gibts in cs:go schlicht und einfach nicht. taugt was;-high (spielpriorität ist bei spielstart automatisch auf hoch)-novid (spielintro wird übersprungen)-threads 4 (CPU-Z runterladen und es selber checken, um es hinterher eingeben zu können)-refresh 144. Öffne den Installationspfad von CS:GO, was in der Regel unter \Steam\SteamApps\Common\Counterstrike Global Offensive\csgo\cfg ist. Dort findest Du eine Datei mit dem Namen video.txt und diese muss geöffnet werden. Suche dort im Editor nach der Einstellung setting.mat_queue_mode und entferne hier das Minus bei den Werten. In der. Hey, mein Kumpel hat mit CSGO recht neu angefangen und hat leider nur ~30 FPS. Gibt es eine Spezielle Config für mehr fps? Er hat alles umgestellt 4:3 Recommended CSGO launch options -novid -tickrate 128 -high -threads 6 +fps_max 0 +cl_interp 0 +cl_interp_ratio 1 +rate 128000 +cl_updaterate 128 +cl_cmdrate 128 +mat_queue_mode 2 -freq 144 -refresh 144 -d3d9ex -nojoy. CS:GO - THE BEST LAUNCH OPTIONS - By BananaGamin

Wenn ich bei CSGO -console -32bit -dxlevel90 -novid -refresh 120 -tickrate128 -noborder -heapsize 1179648 1179648 als Startoptionen rein mache öffnet sich CS nicht mehr. Hab auch festegellt das es irgendiwe nur noch geht wenn ich den Befehl -w 1920 -h 1080 eingebe aber es geht auch nicht wenn ich -w 1920 -h 1080 einfach bei den anderen mit hinzufüge. Ich verstehs net :DD -console -novid -mpvid -high -threads 4 +mat_queue_mode 2 +mat_disable_fancy_blending 1 +mat_vignette_enable 0 -nod3d9ex +cl_forcepreload 1 -useforcedmparms -noforcemspd -noforcemaccel -refresh 60 -nojoy +exec autoexec.cfg Vamos a las Opciones de Lanzamiento pulsando en la biblioteca encima del juego botón derecho propiedades y ponemos las opciones de lanzamiento que hayamos elegido de las.

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View csgo_launch.txt from HISTORY AP at Online High School. -novid -nojoy -freq 75 -console -high +fps_max 0 +cl_forcepreload 1 -r_emulate_g +mat_queue_mode 2-novid -nojoy -freq 144 -console -hig # csgo set launch option:-novid -tickrate 128 -high -threads 8 +fps_max 0 +cl_showfps 1 +cl_interp 0 +cl_interp_ratio 1 +rate 128000 +cl_updaterate 128 +cl_cmdrate 128 +mat_queue_mode 2 -freq 240 -refresh 240 +cl_forcepreload 1 -d3d9ex -nojoy +snd_use_hrtf 0 -nobrowser. See More. 37 Views. D3x_d3ck3rs was live — playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. February 12 · CSGO lover. like and. Da ich nun auch seit einiger Zeit recht begeistert Counter-Strike: Global Offensive spiele, habe ich natürlich direkt nach der besten Config gesucht, denn gewöhnlich ist der Standard nie gut genug. Die erste und sogar beste Anlaufstelle ist meiner Meinung nach die Anleitung von MyHyper. Hier werden recht verständlich die wichtigsten Befehle für die CS:GO Config ScreaM CS:GO settings: Config, gaming gear & sensitivity used by pro Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player Adil ScreaM Benrlitom. Includes ScreaM's CS:GO keybindings, mouse settings, DPI, crosshair, cfg, video & graphics settings as well as his hardware setup and resolution

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Pastebin.com is the number one paste tool since 2002. Pastebin is a website where you can store text online for a set period of time Hab durch die deeinstallation 50 fps dazu bekommen (I7 6700) Wtf jagut Hab CSGO auf SSD also Shadercache an

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mat_queue_mode 2 It Forces Your CPU To Use Multi-Threads for better performance: r_drawtracers_firstperson 0 Tracers will turn OFF: r_eyegloss 0 No Makeup on player: r_eyemove 0 No Eye Movement for player: r_eyeshift_x 0 No Eye Movements in X-Angel, character perspective: r_eyeshift_y 0 No Eye Movement in Y-Angel, character perspective: r_eyeshift_z 0. Suchen Sie dort die Einstellung setting.mat_queue_mode Entfernen Sie das Minuszeichen bei den daneben stehenden Werten ; Nach einem Neustart des Spiels sollte die Fehlermeldung csgo.exe funktioniert nicht mehr nicht mehr auftauchen; Falls Ihnen das nicht weiterhelfen konnte oder Sie Hilfe bei der Durchführung möchten, melden Sie sich gerne bei uns über die oben angezeigte Telefonnummer. -novid -tickrate 128 -high +fps_max 0 +cl_interp 0 +cl_interp_ratio 1 +rate 128000 +cl_updaterate 128 +cl_cmdrate 128 +mat_queue_mode 2 -d3d9ex -nojoy . By . I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Counter-Strike: Global Offensive CSGO - Launch options and Commands Guide; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via.

Lösung 2: Grafikeinstellungen anpassen Öffne den Installationspfad von CS:GO, was in der Regel unter \Steam\SteamApps\Common\Counterstrike Global... Dort findest Du eine Datei mit dem Namen video.txt und diese muss geöffnet werden. Suche dort im Editor nach der Einstellung setting.mat_queue_mode. Also, mat_queue_mode should be -2 and this command is really just a coin toss, because it is rig specific, google it there is a discussion about this on reddit. Your snd commands could potentially break sound, since some values are dependent on resolution, for example snd_front_headphone_position is 43.2 (5:4 resolution), 45.0 (4:3 resolution), 50.2 (16:10 resolution), or 53.2 (16:9 resolution)

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  1. Oktober 2019, CS:GO, Tutorials, config, csgo, fps, quickquide, tutorial, 0 . Hallo Leute, heute präsentiere ich euch ein Quick Tutorial über mehr FPS in CS:GO. Ich werde hier nur kurz schildern was man am besten zu tun hat um die best möglichen FPS zu erreichen. In diesem Tutorial setze ich ein gewisses Grundverständniss von Steam und CS:GO vorraus. Ich hoffe ihr könnt mir folgen. Um.
  2. +mat_queue_mode 2 -disable_d3d9ex -r_emulate_g -softparticlesdefaultoff; CS:GO Best Launch Options FPS & Sight +fps_max 0 (or set it to a number which it will be locked to) +cl_showfps 1 (shows FPS in-game)-high (the game will run with a high priority, however, it can cause problems with Origin)-novid (disables all the video intros)-nod3d9e
  3. +mat_queue_mode 2 = Forces Your CPU To Use Multi-Threaded Mode. At the bottom of your CSGO autoexec.cfg file, type host_writeconfig. The .cfg file will activate these settings whenever you start.
  4. Im Netz findet man verschiedene Lösungen gegen CS:GO-Abstürze und wie man das Problem mit dem Fehler csgo.exe funktioniert nicht mehr in den Griff bekommen kann. Einige haben uns davon in der Vergangenheit geholfen und diese wollen wir hier keinem vorenthalten. Spieldateien von CS:GO auf Fehler überprüfen: Was viele nicht wissen, in Steam findet man in den Eigenschaften von einem Spiel aus.

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Auch csgo laggt übelst und egal welche Grafikeinstellungen, ich habe mega Fps drops wenn in meiner Nähe mehrere Spieler sind. Kann man da irgendetwas umstellen um volle Leistung zu haben, ich glaube nicht dass er wirklich nur so wenig Leistung hat. Daten: Gtx 1060 Intel i7 6700 Ram 8 gb. cl_crosshairdot (csgo dot crosshair - 1 in on, 0 is off) cl_crosshairgap (The amount of space in the center of the crosshair) cl_crosshairgap_useweaponvalue (Enable/disable different crosshair gap per weapon/s you're using, i.e. pistol, rifle, etc.) cl_crosshairthickness (Thickness of crosshair) cl_crosshairscale (Scale of crosshair) cl_crosshairsize (Change size higher or lower for larger.

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  1. FPS Estimates (CSGO) Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on a RTX 2070 Counter-Strike: Global Offen... 1. Choose Game Settings How well can you run Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on a RTX 2070 @ 720p, 1080p or 1440p on low, medium, high or max settings? This data is noisy because framerates depend on several factors but the averages can be used as a reasonable guide. Average Fps: 201 861.
  2. ich hatte bis vor ein paar Monaten beim spielen von CSGO immer das FPS Drops/Sound stottern Problem. Bei all meinen anderen Spielen gab es überhaupt kein Problem diesbezüglich. Konnte es damals durch die Neuinstallation der Realtek HD Treiber und Steam letztendlich beheben. Da ich Anfang Juni mit dem Streamen angefangen habe und sehr günstig an den Intel I7 4790K gekommen bin, hab ich mein.
  3. **Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\cfg** and edit: **video.txt** Inside there, change the following commands to how I have them or copy and paste the settings beolow. If you copy and paste them any missing commands will automatically be added by the game (For example, I do not include the commands for the screen resolution since not all people have the same screen.
  4. Hallo Zusammen, die community wurde mir von einem freund empfohlen, ich hoffe ihr könnt mir helfen. der fehler ist ja nicht neu und ich hatte ihn auch scho
  5. Hallo Leute, ich habe momentan ein extremes Problem mit CSGO und weiß nicht mehr weiter. Ich weiß nicht ob es an einem Windows10 Update gelegen hat o.ä., auf jeden Fall habe ich das Problem was.
  6. Guten Tag, ich habe 2 Monitore mit 144 Hz und 60 Hz. Vor paar Wochen ging alles flott und war alles flüssig. Doch jetzt ist CSGO irgendwie nicht mehr so smooth wie sonst. Ich kriege 250-300 FPS und finde nicht heraus an was es liegen könnte. Mein Vater musste mal die Monitor ausstecken beim PC..
  7. These are the best CSGO Launch options that we have put together regarding the general aspect of the game and not just FPS wise. -novid -tickrate 128 -high -threads 6 +fps_max 0 +cl_interp 0 +cl_interp_ratio 1 +rate 128000 +cl_updaterate 128 +cl_cmdrate 128 +mat_queue_mode 2 -freq 144 -refresh 144 -d3d9ex -noj

[РЕШЕНО] что делает команда в кс го mat_queue_mode CSGO

Re: CSGO skin textures look extremely jpegged even on full ultra settings I've discovered that the option for NVIDIA image sharpening for OpenGl/Vulkan applications was added to Linux drivers from version 450.57 onwards - but for me the option is nowhere to be found in my nvidia-settings while I have driver version 460.39 High FPS Script / CFG... A Counter-Strike: Source (CS:S) Config Script in the Other/Misc category, submitted by LOLYOUOFJOO Wo befindet sich der Speicherort von der video.txt in CS:GO und welche Befehle oder Einstellungen kann man dort vornehmen. Meistens gehört man von der sogenannten video.txt in Counter Strike Global Offensive wenn es darum geht die FPS im Spiel zu erhöhen, falls es hin und wieder mal ruckelt

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